Work Distribution

Vector : Different Teams and their responsibilities
Vector : Different Teams and their responsibilities
Tejusv Goel

HR Team Head

Tejusv Goel

Work :

  • Recruitment- Identifying, Interviewing and choosing the right volunteer.
  • Organize Training for the various volunteers for the induction into different teams.
  • Management of Volunteers-
  • Addition and Removal of Members from Teams.
  • Organizing Volunteer Engagement Activities like treks, camps, seminars, etc. meant for volunteer bonding.

Objectives/motives :

  • Ensuring that we select the most dedicated volunteers for the teams.
  • Encouraging and motivating people to perform the best.
  • Creating a healthy work atmosphere.
  • Providing suggestions to the volunteers and direct them to make best use of their abilities.

Teaching Head

Akshaya Alapure

Work :

  • Supporting role to all day in-charges, volunteer and children in teaching.
  • Along with centre heads –
    • Stakeholder management
    • Batch meeting coordinator.
    • Allots volunteers to days
  • Conduct teacher training


  • Ensure smooth functioning of classes
  • Problem solving
  • Provide guidance and constructive feedback

Centre Heads

Work :

  • Scheduling of classes, book clubs & events
  • Maintaining the attendance of Teachers & Kids
  • Regular meetings with the principal to fix dates like official holidays & vacation schedules
  • Admission dynamics of the students to the centre.
  • Regularly visiting the centre.
  • Contacting HR about people who leave/requirement of teachers.
  • On ground discipline and assignment of discipline in charges
  • Coordination with teaching head, day in-charges & volunteers & team bonding
  • Organisation to batch meetings

Objectives/motives :

  • To ensure smooth functioning of both the centres on the day of classes
  • To improve attendance of the volunteers by motivation of the volunteers.
  • To form a coordinating link between the school/salvation authorities & Vector

Tech Team

Awais Shaikh

Work :

  • Better Volunteer teaching programs
  • Using software, innovative solutions helping the volunteer, management, and students alike
  • Helping the organisation to spread ideas in better presentable ways across all digital communications


  • A team that dares to learn
  • Believing in creating a positive impact across students and communities at large
  • Lets spread the power of knowledge with the light of education to the children in need

Content Development Team (CDT)

The Content Development Team works to create and compile both student and teacher friendly teaching content in the form of modules so that the classes can take place in a well organised and structured way and learning can be made a fun and enjoyable process for the children.
The team has 2 subdivisions-
-Non- academics

CDT Academics
This team aims to formulate topic wise modules for different subjects for each standard. Currently the focus is being laid on Maths and English to ensure basic numeracy and literacy for all the children.
The modules are being made by taking inspiration from various sources and they will finally be moulded to suit our context.
We understand that each child is unique and so the modules would include several alternative methods to teach the particular topic and it would lie in the hands of the teacher to decide what approach suits best for his/her children.
Each module will also include ample real life examples to help the kids correlate better; followed by a short assessment for the topic.
The team will also make sure that a monthly assessment for each subject is conducted so that the progress of each child can be analysed and a plan of action for the particular child for that academic year can be made accordingly.

CDT Non- academics
We at VECTOR aspire to achieve a comprehensive development of all kids and so we are not limiting our initiative to just academics. Through our endeavours, we try to focus on other equally essential components for a school going student; like- life skills, arts, sports, music, dancing, drama and book reading.
The members of this team refer a variety of sources, read books and attend seminars or workshops to structure the modules for each of these extra- academic front.
At least one session is conducted by this team every month that focuses on any one extra-academic front. Experts from the particular field are invited for some of these monthly sessions so that resources of the best possible quality reach the children.
Each session conducted by the team has a pre and post assessment so that the impact of the session can be judged objectively.