Dr Mayur Bhanarkar

Dr Mayur Bhanarkar

MBBS, KEM Hospital & Seth GSMC

What we do at Vector

Vector is the first ever registered organisation of KEM and is completely run by Medical students. The work done in this organisation is pure, with no incentives. It currently has 2 centres, one in Parel and one in Sion, with more than 158 active volunteers and 87 students (Parel + Salvation). The volunteers teach English, Mathematics, Science and Social science and life skills to the students. Each week a volunteer takes a class of 1.5 hrs, which the organization emphasizes, is time that anyone can apply for this initiative.

Our Journey

The journey started from a footpath with no more than 10 volunteers 2 years back. The founder of VECTOR, Dr. Mayur Bhanarkar has proved that dedication and perseverance are all that matter to achieving your target. Having started the program between his prelims and Final year exams, he has truly demonstrated to everyone how it is possible to do well academically and yet make their own contribution to society. VECTOR is a large family of like minded volunteers working together for a better future for a better society. It regularly organises team building exercises and outings for the volunteers to increase bonding. It has organized treks as well as midnight cycling sessions in this direction.