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Hello Reader! We are glad to know that you have given a little time out of your precious time to apply for Vector and read this document. Vector is not just an organization that works for providing education to the underprivileged children but also emphasize on empowering college going youth to take up social responsibility towards pressing challenges around.

We are very happy to share with you that Vector as an organization is about to enter in it’s third year and it is possible because of the great efforts taken by our volunteers. With time we have added some tasks, divided some tasks and came up with various teams where you can volunteer according to your preference in order to optimize the functioning of the organization.

The teams include:

  1. Teaching Team
  2. Tech and PR
  3. Data management
  4. Content Development
  5. Content Development (Non-Academic)

Some General Instructions:

  1. You can apply for multiple team in a preferential order.
  2. After going through this document, fill the Vector Application Google form (Link at the end of the document).
  3. There will be an interview, an orientation session, and a short training session by the respective teams.
  4. The selection will be based on your preference, as well as the interviews.

The Job descriptions of the teams are:

1. Teaching

Volunteers of this team teach children with full of dedication for their betterment. Work that we expect from volunteers :

  1. Volunteers must be fluent in vernacular languages ( Marathi or Hindi)
  2. To dedicate 3-5 hours a week
  3. Time commitment of six months from date of training.
  4. To teach students of class 5th – 10th.
  5. To conduct online classes using audio-visual, reading-writing and activity based learning methods.

2. Tech

Team handles the social media accounts, maintains website, create material for PR, edit photos and videos, create templates, etc. Work that we expect from volunteers :

  1. Managing Website, Maintaining Web-app for Volunteers, Building Web applications for team/organization
  2. To create Forms/Brochures/PPTs
  3. Create templates for Events
  4. Daily illustrations for social media posts
  5. Editing videos for events
  6. Coordination with other teams to create films, animation, comics , etc.

3. PR

Team conducts seminars and awareness events, spreads message by word of mouth and digital PR, keeps information of other NGOs that Vector works with and maintains relationship with them. Work that we expect from volunteers :

  1. Post Content on Online Media & Share across different platforms
  2. To Connect with other Volunteers/3rd party if enquired
  3. Keep record of Social Media Insights
  4. Coordinate with other teams for content
  5. Collaborate with NGOs
  6. Different methods/platforms to spread the Vision.

4. Content Development

Team makes academic modules that teacher at Vector can refer to while teaching in order to make both learning and teaching an enjoyable and holistic process. Work that we expect from volunteers :

  1. Brainstorm ideas to compile each topic in the most creative and practicable way. (The volunteers can choose the subject of their own interest)
  2. Create activities (individual/group) so that the kids can get a hands-on experience while learning.
  3. Explore ideas to ensure that the modules can focus on a holistic growth of the kids rather than limiting it to just academics; by including real life examples, mental reasoning tricks etc.
  4. Compile assessments for each topic.

5. Content Development (Non-Academic)

Module making:

  1. Stay tuned with all the latest updates going around the world, the days, fests, events and choose the topics for the module based on it.
  2. The task will be to collect all the resources, go through it, think of enjoyable and inculcating activities, organize competitions etc.
  3. And presenting the appropriate data and points in the module (this will be done in a group)
  4. Collaborating all the points related to module, present it in a simple form so that it becomes easy for the teacher to go through it.
  5. Modules should be kids friendly, ethical and with pre-assessment , activities & post-assessment


  1. Take an online classes.
  2. Modules would be given for the topics to be taught.
  3. The topics and the modules are very exciting and full of activities, kids loving and non academic which include various life skills, value education, present scenarios, etc.
  4. Once a week class of about 1-1.5 hrs for the kids assigned to you.

Link for the Vector Application Form:

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